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What We Offer

At Specially 4 You, our English tutoring services are tailored to suit every child’s individual needs.

Offering both one-on-one tutoring, and also tutoring in small groups, we cover all types of learning styles.


Individualised Tutoring

Our individual tutoring services are perfect for children who need very personalised assistance. Tutoring is performed 1 on 1, meaning the tutor works closely with the student to address all knowledge gaps and increase their understanding of English concepts.

We cater for the whole school spectrum, from Prep to Year 12, and the sessions are flexible enough to adjust to the student’s needs. Our tutors can help with basic phonetics, grammar, and sequential English learning. However, sessions can also be focused on assistance with specific school homework or preparation for VCE assignments and exams.

We work with many homeschooled students, and our tutoring can be tailored for their own needs. Susanne herself has been a homeschool teacher for 19 years and understands both its benefits and challenges. Homeschool tutoring classes can be run during the day, and we love to partner with parents and offer support as the primary teachers of their children.


Writing Classes

We keep our group writing classes small to ensure maximum benefit for all students. Class sizes are a minimum of five and capped at ten to twelve students. This allows our tutors to work in a group environment, but also give each student the attention and assistance they need. These unique writing classes are grouped by ability rather than age, ensuring that no student’s progress is held back.

Writing classes also require students to focus on their work at home. This allows tutors the time to provide feedback and use in-class time to reinforce the concepts being taught. Lesson times will vary from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the age level of students.


Collaborative Tutoring

We’re more than happy to offer writing classes to students from the same school and same year level. There are many benefits to this approach, as students can bounce ideas off each other and master new concepts together. It’s also a great way for us to work with teachers and help students with specific homework tasks.


Specialising in English as a Second Language, ESL and Learning Difficulties

Our tutors are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in teaching English as a second language (ESL). We understand that children from non-English speaking backgrounds may have different learning needs when it comes to English tutoring, and we cater for that.

Our tailored ESL service provides a great stepping stone for children of all backgrounds to excel in an English-speaking school environment. While our tutoring focuses on English, we believe the benefits flow over into helping children get the most out of all subjects.

Our ESL service also caters to adults. We have experience and understanding of the difficulties associated with moving to a new country, and we are here to help.

Susanne is also Spalding trained, giving her the skills and experience to work closely with students who experience learning and writing difficulties. For many years, she has worked with children with dyslexia and has first-hand experience with one of her own children.

We strongly believe everybody has a right to quality education, no matter what difficulties they face along the way.


Our Philosophy

We believe in agile and flexible tutoring, because all students’ needs are different. We prioritise direct individual feedback for students, ensuring rapid acceleration of learning.

We keep our classes small, ensuring tutors can offer the personalised attention and assistance that children need. In fact, all of our programs, both individual and group, are designed to be adjustable based on student needs.