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Children Learning English language

English Course Information

*All our group English courses and individual tutoring sessions are currently offered online.

Our goal at Specially 4 You Education is to instil a love for writing in all our students. We aim to inspire eager learners and reluctant writers. Over the years, we have witnessed the effectiveness of teaching students to write well, think clearly and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

Besides reading and comprehension, we cover a variety of writing styles, starting with basic note-taking skills and progressively advancing to summaries, narratives, creative writing, report writing, essay writing, critiquing, super essays, literature analysis, research and more. Along the way, students learn to use stylistic techniques and grammar to really make their writing shine.

  • All of our English course writing teachers are IEW trained (Institution of excellence in writing).
  • All courses are designed to generally be covered over one year, and students can progress onto the next level, increasing in skill and complexity.
  • Students are taught different English writing styles, structures and terminology. The teacher assists them with brainstorming and planning an outline, which they will use as the basis for their weekly homework. Students also have an opportunity to practice orally presenting their work.
  • Students are given detailed instructions and a checklist, which make it easy to ensure everything is included in their homework. This homework is written at home and submitted prior to their next class.
  • To further enhance students’ learning, their work is edited weekly by S4YE-trained proofreaders. Students receive individualised feedback, based on a belief that each child has the right to learn at their own pace in order to reach their personal best. The proofreaders work with each student as an individual. Students are not compared to each other but to their personal standard, allowing them to consistently improve their writing and excel.


Class Fees Per Term

Lessons: Interesting and Intriguing Stories, All Things Fun and Fascinating, All Around the World

$341 Regular – paid before next term begins as per term dates
$374 Late – paid after term begins

Lessons: Ancient History, Medieval History, Australia Past and Present, Advanced Writing skills, Advanced Literature Skills, Who’s the Boss

$407 Regular – paid before next term begins as per term dates
$440 Late – paid after term begins

Free Tutoring Assessment

Before allocating your child to an English Tutoring Class, we like to understand any learning areas of concern and a little about your child’s personality, to gain the best from the tutoring.
We would like for you to send us two different examples of your child’s writing. We prefer them to be unpolished and unedited pieces so we can recommend the best class for your child.


Grades 1– 6

Group Classes – Primary

Interesting and Intriguing Stories S4YE (IIS)  Grades 2-3.   Lesson duration: 1 hour

This course is our entry-level writing class, introducing students to the methods used by S4YE throughout our entire curriculum. IIS starts with the basics. Students will brainstorm and use simple source texts as they learn to think about big ideas and write pieces on their own, unlocking the potential they contain within themselves!

Throughout the duration of the course, students will learn note-taking, writing from Key Word Outlines, information reports, writing narratives, writing from pictures, persuasive writing, procedure writing, poetry and more.

All Things Fun and Fascinating IEW (AFF)   Grades 3-5.  Lesson duration: 80 mins

Humorous characters, cunning creatures and meritorious people of history captivate our students as they learn to write with structure and style.

Throughout the duration of the course, students will learn to take notes, produce expository, descriptive and persuasive writing, summarise narrative stories and put together a mini research report.

All Around the World S4YE (AATW)   Grades 4-5.  Lesson duration: 80 mins

This course builds on the skills learnt and deepens the concepts taught in prior classes. Lessons focus on fascinating people and places from all around the world. Students begin to write multi-paragraph pieces and learn skills and techniques which will provide them with a solid foundation for their future writing. They’ll also become familiar with the clear and easily attainable structures for numerous genres of writing.

Ancient History S4YE (AH)  Grades 5-6.  Lesson duration: 80 mins

This course offers writing topics that explore the civilisations of Sumer, Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Asia Minor and Asia – the people’s ideas, traditions, systems of government, feats and wonderful skills.

Students practice a wide variety of writing styles including expository, descriptive and response to literature. Students will also work on public speaking.


Grades 7–12


Medieval History IEW (MH)  Grades 6-7.  Lesson duration: 80 mins

During this course, students will learn to write with structure and style as they progress through sources themed around the fascinating period known as The Middle Ages.

Throughout the duration of Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons, students will learn retelling narrative stories, summarising references, writing from pictures, summarising multiple sources, essay writing, composing formal critiques, textual analysis, self-editing work and making inferences and drawing conclusions.

Creativity, Inventions and Text (CIT)   Grades 7-8.  Lesson duration: 80mins

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” (anonymous). If you thought writing skills and science were worlds apart, think again! In this all-new early secondary course students discover the fascinating stories behind inventions and inventors, ordinary and otherwise. They explore a range of writing genres from procedural to creative, and harness skills both technical and spontaneous. Journey from sliced bread to the moon, via the safety pin and the ballpoint pen, and don’t forget to pack a ready imagination!

Australia – Past and Present S4YE (APP)   Grades 8-10.  Lesson duration: 80mins

This course takes students on a journey through Australia’s history from our first people to the present day. Students engage with a wide variety of writing styles and concepts, including literacy and media analysis, with emphasis on encouraging them to become independent writers.

Gateway to Senior Year -Semester (GSY)   Grades 10+ and students who have finished APP.

Moving up the ranks! In The Gateway to Senior Years semester course, new to S4YE, solidifies and expands secondary writing skills and serves as an entry point for older students. We will dig deeper into research skills combined with information and persuasive writing. Also covered: persuasive techniques and analysis, as well as organisational skills that support their research and planning of longer texts—skills which will serve them well in the increasingly demanding writing tasks expected of senior high school students.

Advanced Writing Skills (AWS)  Grades 10+ and students who have finished APP or GSY  Lesson : 80 mins

This course covers a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from evaluating and combining multiple sources to comprehensive research skills as needed for the University level. Skills students will learn to include:


  • How to take notes from Life lectures and a variety of different note-taking skills.
  • Literacy Studies and Analysis – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee and the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ directed by Theodore Melfi.
  • Reflective, opinion, analytical, persuasive and creative writing.


Students will explore the complexity of racial segregation and prejudice, while examining a range of themes, like the significance of role models and symbolism. Students are encouraged to think critically and develop a balanced perspective. Students will also elevate their creative writing style by gleaning from established authors and incorporating stylistic elements from these writers into their own compositions.

Advanced Literature Skills (ALS)   Grades 10+ and students who have finished APP or GSY  Lesson: 1 hour

This course has several elements to it.


Poetry Analysis and Appreciation – Students will explore the world of poetry through topical
studies, working through poems from the past 200 years, particularly but not exclusively Australian
poets. They will distinguish literal and figurative ideas, poetic language and devices, historical
events and more. As the goal is to inspire a love and appreciation for poetry, no written homework
is required, though there will be assistance available for students desiring to write their own


Literacy Analysis and Appreciation – Students will investigate historical events through analysing
one or more novels. The novels will be chosen with the participating students in mind.

Business Development

Ages 15–Adult


Who’s the Boss – ABC’s of Business Basics (Online only) – Lesson duration: 60 mins

Equipping those interested in starting up their own sole trading business with skills, knowledge and
application. Being your own boss has many benefits and provides the opportunity for your work to fit your
schedule instead of your schedule fitting around work.


This is a one-term course designed to provide the basic understanding, workings and requirements for a
sole trader set up. Covering topics such as: business goals, type of business, requirements for initial set-up,
budgets, KPI and targets, market research, identifying the market, target clients, logos.


Each week there will be a 1-hour online lesson touching on different aspects of how to successfully create a
start-up, whereby we will work through setting up a real business. Students will be given tasks to complete.
The outcome for each student is ideally a basic business plan that encapsulates a better understanding of
business decisions, requirements, and initial steps that can actually be applied to any startup business.


Individual students all ages


Building a firm foundation by filling gaps and strengthening areas of weakness will allow our students to progress and accelerate according to their ability. We are also happy to work alongside your child’s school curriculum.

Kinder to Grade 6  Lesson duration: 1 hour

Grades 7-10  Lesson duration: 1 hour

Grades 10-12/VCE  Lesson duration: 1 hour